Thoughts for your Wednesday – April 17

On Wednesdays, we share some of the most inspiring things we’ve learned so far this week. Enjoy!

Amanda Morin articulates exactly how we feel.

Sign Language expands the world for children with Down Syndrome. We love how Kaimhill, a Primary School in the Garthdee area of Aberdeen, makes it part of the language of love.

Check out these podcasts from our friends at Down Syndrome UK. Helpful insights from across the pond.

MYTH: People with Down syndrome do not live very long.
FACT: Today, people with Down syndrome can look forward to a long life given the right medical attention.
Learn more here:

Bravo to The Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress’ Boston Marathon runners promoting Down Syndrome awareness and  Inclusion. Super proud of all of you.

Tools for Down Syndrome families – Have you had experience with EReading Pro? Share your feedback with us.

A helpful terminology guide for our Down Syndrome family and friends.

This competitive cheerleading team is made up of athletes with disabilities!

A powerful documentary, Kelly’s Hollywood, is included with Amazon Prime in the US. An inspiring story of a girl with Down Syndrome and a dream.

“Their genuine warmth is their actual superpower!” A beautiful video from Fidelis Creative made for the Down Syndrome Association of Brazos Valley, TX.

“One of my favorite things about Lindie having Down Syndrome is that I get my baby longer. Each developmental stage & milestone lingers & most of the time I love that.” ~Aimee Swift, from her blog.

An inspiring story via Ontario’s Kimberly Murphy. (Inspiring is a word you’ll see often whenever we talk about #DownSyndrome.)

People who give of themselves so that others might have opportunity are the ultimate angels. Bravo, Field of Dreams Cork!

Down Syndrome strong. When compassionate stars like The Rock help us get the word out, our audience of awareness grows exponentially. Thank you, Dwayne!

How Doctors introduce us to our angels with  Down Syndrome is crucial to planting seeds of love and courage that grow into strong cables of courage. Many could learn how to do it better. Can’t wait to see this film.

There are miracles in every moment if you look for them. Check out Maria Jordan MacKeigan’s insightful book on rockin the extra chromosome. And dance your day away!

Inclusion begins with me. A powerful Instagram message from “Embracing the Extra“:

I realized something today: Inclusion begins with me.

Let me explain what I mean by that— It’s easy for me to just hang out with family or church friends or coworkers who already know Andy and our situation.

But inclusion also looks like me bringing my child somewhere I know typically developing children will be- like library story time. Places where I know other moms will be talking about what their child is doing and how old they were when they learned to do things and actively comparing their child to mine. Places where I know people I’ve never met before will see my child is different and want to ask questions.

I have to put myself and my kid out there and give other people a chance to be inclusive.

And more often than not, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Stephanie Westerman

Stephanie Westerman

Stephanie Westerman is the founder of She is an executive at Florida Blue, Wife to Brandon and Mom to Hudson and Juliette. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida.
Stephanie Westerman