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Wil Smiles

Not A Chromosome Too Many For Being His Best

Someone once said to me about Wil, “ but don’t you want him to be the best he can be?” This was in relation to a claim certain supplements could help take some of his Down syndrome features away.

Of course, I want Wil to be the best he can be. But what I don’t want, with all the feeling I have within me, is for him ever to be ashamed of who he is. Down syndrome is part of who he is. Not a disease to be erased, or fixed to look more “normal.”

Why is it that we see people with disabilities as people to be fixed? Why is it so hard to see the value of an individual who does things in a way we hadn’t considered?

I saw a YouTube of a 12-year-old girl with CP who used an assistive technology device to talk. When she was asked what it was like to use that device to talk, her answer was, “normal.”

Do you know a great way to miss seeing someone as their best? Not seeing value in the person as a human being exactly as they are. Not seeing there are many versions of best, no matter how many legs, arms, chromosomes, etc. you have.

I mean, look at those almond-shaped eyes. Why would I want to fix anything he is? 💙

Christie Taylor has written two books about her son, Wil. She found her storytelling connected her with many other families who were raising children with Down syndrome, while at the same time, raising much needed awareness. Read her blog at